Bellingen Seed Savers

Bellingen Seed Savers
TBA - Bellingen Seed Savers

We’re organised as “Seed Savers” – part of a national and global network of seed savers. The ideology behind that is that we deeply care about food security future, and we focus our effort around saving seed.

Does seed need saving? oh yes it does: we need to save seed from being taken away from the people and being taken over by commerce, we want to ensure that non GMO modified seeds, non-hybdridised seeds are always publicly and openly available to everyone. We want to make sure that when you plant a tomato seed that you were given by your neighbour, that that seed will grow a fertile plant, that will give you lovely tomatoes to eat and preserve and when you save the seed from that tomato you can grow a plant from that seed again the next season, or give it to your friends and neighbours.

Food forever, food as it always was.